How I can help you...


HOW we start...

Together, we assess where you are in your health today - body, mind and soul - and where you would like to be.

IDENTIFY a personal strategy for you...

We identify the reasons why you got here in the first place and build a strategic and personal program for you to change unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy habits.

DEVELOP steps that work for you...

Whether your goals are weight loss, gaining strength, cleansing your body, learning what to eat, identifying how you sabotage yourself, feeling more joy and purpose in your life, and generally getting UNSTUCK, we work together to develop action steps for behavior change that works. 


Every decision we make connects to outcome.  Some are small decisions, some big ones.  But even the smallest of decisions done on a regular basis, whether conscious or unconscious, move us in a direction.  These decisions are mostly based on what we think, what we believe, and simply habits we have adopted over time.  As your coach, I come alongside you and together we look at how your decisions and habits affect your health, and guide you as you identify healthier behavior patterns and goals. You learn how to replace, or crowd out,  self sabotaging behavior with productive, healthy behavior.   In time, new thoughts and behaviors  CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

You can CHOOSE health, wholeness, strength, power and JOY! 

AND I will help you all along the way!  

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About Me

Kathleen Klug


   I have been working with women as an Fitness & Health Professional for 35 years and am passionate about teaching and encouraging women to be their very best and most powerful selves. As an Institute of Integrated Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor I am here to inspire, inform, motivate, and walk alongside you on your journey to revitalizing your health and wellness!  Together we will create the roadmap to your wellbeing!

It’s about permanent change from the inside out.


  My approach is a holistic and integrated approach where we look at all areas of your life as a way to improve your wellbeing. This is a program that teaches you how to make lifestyle changes and new habits that you can  stick to for better health and quality of life. 

How do we begin?


  We start with a FREE initial 20 minute consultation where we explore key areas of your health and lifestyle and discover your main goals around your wellness.  Then depending on what we discover during the consultation, we can move into a 3-month or 6-month coaching program where we personalize your coaching to support you in reaching those goals.        

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