Kathleen Klug

A simple approach to upgrade your health:
Body, Mind & Spirit

Now available in Audiobook, Kindle, and Paperback.

Small Changes, Big Health Gains: Insights from Coach Kathleen Klug

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Kathleen Klug shares a combination of practical tips, personal anecdotes, and current research that shows you how making just one small change at a time can help you:

Heal your body through tweaking your diet, increasing your movement, improving your sleep, and managing your stress.

Nourish your mind with empowering thoughts.

Restore your spirit through practicing self-love, grace, and forgiveness.


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START With ONE will change the way you think about health and getting healthy and will inspire and guide you with simple and easily applied tools and strategies to help you overcome obstacles, master your behavior, and achieve your goals!

About the Author

Kathleen Klug has been working with people as a Fitness & Health Professional for more than 40 years and is passionate about teaching and encouraging people to be their very best and most powerful selves. As an Institute of Integrated Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, a Fitness Professional, and a Health Educator, Kathleen is here to inspire, inform motivate, and walk alongside you on your journey to revitalizing your health and wellness!

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Now available in Audiobook, Kindle, and Paperback.


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